FutureGood: How to Use Futurism to Save the World

FutureGood: How to Use Futurism to Save the World

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An increasing rate of change has made the challenging business of doing good even more difficult. Nonprofits, foundations, think tanks, and social entrepreneurs are all trying to make the world a better place, but they're using yesterday's information to do so.

What if the social sector could predict the future and prepare for the trends and coming realities that will impact their work? They can, using the tools found in FutureGood. Drawing on the insights of visionary future thinkers like Majora Carter, Sir Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis, and the founders of Black Lives Matter, this book is an inspirational and radical how-to guide for the next generation of changemakers.

Trista Harris takes her expertise as a cutting-edge philanthropic futurist to make the often confusing and complicated tools of futurism accessible to people who are committed to building a better future. This book will become a must-read for savvy social sector executives, thought leaders, journalists, and philanthropists.

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